Within a company is defined corporate governance the set of rules, in each level which govern the management of the company.The decision by Multicatering S.p.A. to draft an organizational and management model is part of the Company’s broader business policy, expressed through actions and measures aimed at sensitizing all its staff as well as external collaborators and partners, regarding correct, transparent corporate management, in compliance with applicable regulations and the fundamental principles of business ethics in the pursuit of the company purpose.

Board of Directors
The current Board of Directors is composed by  three members, in accordance with the provisions of art. XIII of the Statute. 


Chief Executive Officier: Paolo Porta

Board Member: Emanuele Galbusera

Board Member: Riccardo Lazzarini


Statutory Auditors
In accordance with the provisions of Art. XX of the Statute, the Statutory Auditors consists of three members and two alternates.


Chairman: Alberto Bonfiglio

Statutory Auditor: Carlo Severgnini

Statutory Auditor: Luca Giovanni Bonanno

Supervisory Committee: Francesco Pecere

Independent Auditors: AUDIREVI SRL


Management and Coordination

Multicatering S.p.A. is a holding company and is limited to providing services to foreign subsidiaries that do business in catering for communities and ancillary services abroad.


Rider Quality

Our success is the result of our quality. Multicatering Group has many years of experience in the provision of catering services for major oil & gas and construction Companies.

Our quality control policy is an occasion to underline the commitment of the Company’s management and the entire organization to the generation of value for its Customers and continuous improvements of our services. ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, ISO 26000 and OHSAS 18001 certifications have been achieved in most countries

Ethic Code

The Multicatering Group has chosen as fundamental values customer focus, respect and valorization of human resources, commitment to the environment and safety in the workplace.

The most important value that we must constantly remember developing our working activity, is the ethicalness. Only through constant integral behavior towards colleagues, customers, suppliers and partners we can enrich the corporate culture, consolidate the work and strengthen both the sense of belonging and the image of our Group.


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